Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Monday Night Update

Hey guys just a quick blog post before bed, I'm currently uploading a quick 1v1 between my cousin and myself, it's more a joke video than anything else though so I'll make sure to get more vids out soon. We have about 8 teams that want to be shoutcasted tomorrow so I'm going to try fit those in around my work schedule. Also, I've got a decent game I played the other day that I've been meaning to commentate over so I will try and do that tomorrow and have it uploading. I'm really looking forward to this coming week actually as my break is over and I'm back to work, really looking forward to how I'm going to manage making / uploading more videos and that but it should be good. Gonz's new weapon review should be out in a day or two so I'm also really looking forward to that as I loved his golden tiger one. Anyways, basically what I'm trying to get at is: January is going to have a lot of awesome vids so get excited :)

Also, on another note we are ALMOST at 800 subscribers... would love to hit 1000 by the end of the month, would be such a great feeling.

Anyways, going to bed now, goodnight!
- LucK

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Years!

Hey guys, just a happy new years from all of us at iTwAsLucKCF! We recently received a notice that we were 93rd most viewed this week from Canada in the directors category. Such an amazing feeling. Anyways, we are looking forward to continuing on putting out more vids this year, keeping up with content and quality and making sure we give back to the fans/viewers too as we'll be doing a few promotional draws/contests.
Thanks guys :)

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Pretty freaking mad...

instinct vs. virtuoso:
Well once again youtube has decided not to work. I spent all night uploading my video and woke up to this screen:

Naturally I was pleased and clicked on the link to make sure it was done processing and the quality was fine.
Instead I got this:

So I guess I'll just have to re-upload tonight. Sorry about the extra delay guys. Trust me though these games are worth it.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

iTwAsLucKCF Facebook Page

Hey guys, just thought I'd let everyone know we now have a iTwAsLucKCF facebook page which is up and running. If you'd like to check it out this is the link:


We will still be making plenty of blog posts, the facebook is just a way to make quick updates and other minor stuff.

Thanks guys (:

Monday, 26 December 2011

Instinct vs xTc thoughts

Hey guys, LucK here. Casted a bo3 today between instinct and xTc and it was kind of sad. xTc is a clan I'd never heard of before but who are supposedly new, whereas instinct have been around forever. I was really hoping for a close match but that was not the case :( Anyways, I caught up with slaya after the game for an interview, here it is:

[22:06] iTwAsLucKCF: Hey "slaya", aka Kayden. How long have you been playing with the instinct squad?
[22:06] patrick jane: Just started playing with them a week ago as they decided to come back and needed a 5th
[22:06] patrick jane: after their 2 month break from cf
[22:07] iTwAsLucKCF: So you plan to stick with them, or are you just filling in for the extra scrimming practice?
[22:08] patrick jane: Yeah I do plan on sticking with them for a long period of time, as we're preparing for ESG as thoroughly as possible
[22:09] iTwAsLucKCF: Well hopefully we can look forward to some more instinct casts with you on the roster. About the match vs xTc today on port though.. were you expecting such an easy time with it?
[22:10] patrick jane: To be honest I thought they were going to put up a fight considering it was the map they chose, caught me by surprise that we won by such a large margin
[22:10] patrick jane: but I knew we would of taken the map regardless
[22:10] iTwAsLucKCF: Anything else you'd like to say to your countless fans and admirers?
[22:11] patrick jane: just like to give a few shoutouts to team xtc, hopefully they stick together as a team, the two casters (luck and dren) and dellz
[22:11] patrick jane: and I hope we get casted again sometime in the near future

Thanks for watching guys, look forward to more casts in the the near future! :)

Instinct! vs. frag eSports Cast Tomorrow!

Hey guys, LucK here, just thought I'd write a quick blog post before bed. Had this conversation with Slaya earlier which looks like we have a cast for tomorrow :D

[00:36] patrick jane: found a team
[00:36] iTwAsLucKCF: who
[00:36] patrick jane: hammertime wasnt available and dreamteam suck, but we can play hammertime later on when we can
[00:37] patrick jane: uh frag esports asked me
[00:37] patrick jane: havent played them much but they're better than dreamteam
[00:41] iTwAsLucKCF: oh
[00:41] iTwAsLucKCF: whenwhen?
[00:41] patrick jane: 7pm good?
[00:41] iTwAsLucKCF:sounds good

So at 4 PST tomorrow I'll be casting and hopefully uploading Game 1 tomorrow night! Should be a good match so I'm looking forward to it. Not sure what maps yet but I'd kind of like to see a factory game :o

Sunday, 25 December 2011

My Microphone Issues

So as I'm sure a lot of you guys know my mic has a lot of "Static" or "background noise". I finally realized this is because it is a Sennheiser pc300 headset which has an open mic and picks up EVERYTHING in my room. Including my super squeaky chair that I have :P  So... I'm going to be switching back to my astro a40's which should increase my overall microphone clarity / background noise. Also, I'm trying to work on making my mic a bit louder (fraps is so badly un-customizable it's annoying) but I can't make any promises there. The best bet right now is turning the game volume down a lot more and having you guys turn the youtube volume up. But hopefully I'll find something better. Anyways, all future video's should have better sound quality :D
Happy Holidays!